Pm3 is a standard for business management in Sweden.


InfoCaption and PM3


Work procedures and concepts in InfoCaption maps to IT governance model MPR in several different areas and many of those who uses InfoCaption are doing it as an active part of govenance according to PM3.

Viewing statistics

Statistics of guide views are used as decision basis in program areas.


Usage in different segments

The guides are used in an interface between object organisation, organisation management, administration management, IT administration and IT management

Organisation processes as a whole

Guides and processes are used to describe organisation processes as unites instead of focusing on certain systems or applications.

InfoCaption Portal is the map

InfoCaption Portal is the map for the organisation. Cooperatively managed administration objectives share process maps and links  in their turn to guides for respective system – all with a holistic perceptive.



InfoCaption is also very useful when implementing a PM3-administration by educating and certifying members of the organisation and creating understanding with a larger number of employees for what the administration objectives are.


As user support

Within user support the guides are useful to  evolve and maintain the users knowledge, without traditional education or support.

Basis of decision making for administration managers without traditional education or support

In daily IT work, the guides constitute the knowledge based foundation and statistics make a good base for decision making for the management.

Aspects of knowledge

The most used guides are managed according to the managing plan and are also a part of the adminstration objectives. In that way one prevents the knowledge aspect to be forgotten, which otherwise is not uncommon.

See the entire picture

With process maps, outlines and guides it is possible to describe entire applications to the users instead of isolated components. It that way everyone can relate to the organisation as a whole.