Knowledge Management

The supply of information is continuously increasning and it gets harder and harder to find the right information. Many times it is only a few who has the knowledge but they do not have the tools to share it in a simple, effective and understandable way. To deal with this we need to start sharing knowledge. The knowledge need to be made accessible in a simple way and in, especially, a way in which the receiver real understands.

Gartner Group and Forrester has reached the conclusion


of the time that employees in a organisation puts down in search of information, they do not find the information they are looking for


of the employees have to browse four different systems before they find the right information


of the employees say that a good support system for Knowledge Management increases productivity with up to 30 %


InfoCaption and KCS


InfoCaption and our work procedures are inspired by KCS, but we hade added additional dimensions to deliver service beyond KCS with focus on proactivity, learning and individual follow up. The platform is continuously evolved with support for KCS. The common  points of contact we have with KCS today are


Production flow

  • Template based  knowledge articles (our guides)
  • Create Decision paths with the process tools
  • Översikter Packet guides to outlines and manuels
  • Use It, Flag it, Fix It, Add It (UFFA)
  • Role based flow of validation


  • Overall: guide creation and maintenance of guides
  • Number of searches and viewed guides
  • Contributing producers
  • Unmatched searches


With InfoCaption Integration Framework we integrate towards most of the ITSM-plattforms and CMC via open APIs or plugins. Contact us for further information.

About KCS

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a methodology that creates significant benefit for information or knowledge intensive organizations. KCS is a set of practices and processes that focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the organization. Development began in 1992 by the Consortium for Service Innovation;[1] a non-profit alliance of support organizations. Its premise is to integrate use of a knowledge base into the workflow.