Our story

InfoCaption was founded in 2002 to make it possible for those who know how to do something in an organization to share their knowledge to those who need to know. Our first innovation – the guide – is still the core in what we do and creates better workdays for thousands of people every day.

InfoCaption was founded by a couple of developers who wanted to make reality of their dreams in multimedia, and at the same time make it possible for new kinds of people to spread their message in organizations. We all had been working in the world of e-learning for years and felt that too much focus was put on creating stylish, expensive and content-full learning objects while the users mostly wanted quick help to be able to proceed with their jobs. Pretty fast we got a salesman with us and became four people: an analytic, a researcher, a visionary and a salesman. Together we coded at night and talked with customers during the day, all without rest until we got our first three customers – Skanska, MSB (Swedish state agency) and Gothenburg Municipality.

We learned from every project and, most of the time, everyone was attending courses so we could get as much input with us as we could. We developed continuously as we saw how the growing software was used and more customers got interested. In 2004, we really started to work in the public sector through a partner and in 2006 we kicked off in Norway also through a partner (now an affiliate). The municipality sector grew fast for us and our product replaced expensive, teacher held courses in e.g. electronical invoice management that had a huge break-through at the time.

The company grew slow and steady in a cautious pace. We hired one more developer and additionally Chalmers students who worked with sales, marketing, production and support parallel with their studies. The customer base grew, and with it the product. New features and smart solutions was created, still in the philosophy of our original spirit. But it was hard to continue to grow without changing the way we worked, and without taking bigger decisions of the products character. We had troubles finding new, cutting edge developers that was eligible to continue our development.

In 2013, we found new competence in the form of graduating students from Högskolan I Gävle (The University of Gävle) as well as unemployed, technically gifted people that was fitted for the project The Scape Bay in Sandviken. An office was established in Sandviken and the company consolidated a tangled structure of ownership, found external investors, bought out a reseller and made an offensive investment in a new arena for the product – processes. In few years, we went from barely ten to twenty million SEK in revenue and from five to almost twenty co-workers.

By this day, InfoCaption is a bunch of people with very different backgrounds put together. Both self-taught and highly educated people originating from all kinds of areas. From sawmills to banking, from hockey to music, from lindy-hop to martial arts. What we have in common is an interest in new ideas, that tingling feeling we get from solving tricky problems, a pretty messed up humor and love for the warm and uncomplicated.

Our mission

Behind exactly everything that happens, there are people. The people at InfoCaption are inventive problem solvers who have decided to change organizations to the better by making it easier for coworkers to help each other. We want those who have the knowledge to be able to make other people’s work easier by sharing that knowledge. And that those who need to know won’t have to feel insufficient or hindered because of the lack of knowledge.

We get the company, that usually is pretty spread out, together, now and then. In may 2017 we took the chance to see eachother in Oslo to celebrate 17th of may, Norway’s Constitution day.